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ePrinting Directory is a blog about passionate race car drivers who travel the world to test out professional racetracks, even though the writers themselves aren’t professional drivers! There are two things that we share. We are all business owners, and we all have an intense fascination as amateur racers.

The key aspect we need to make clear is that we do not race each other. We are not professional racers, so it makes no sense for us to put ourselves in very dangerous situations by racing each other and potentially crashing into each other. Safety should always come first when it comes to amateur racers. If we are to be honest, we also have a lot to lose when it comes to crashing as well. If we do crash, there are entire businesses and families pay-checks that are at risk.

Being on the racetrack means that we all get a chance to let off some steam, but more importantly we get to enjoy the time that we have together and discuss business too. It’s important that we get the chance to talk business while being able to have fun outside of the work space because not only is that where the real deals are done, it’s a great way to take your mind off business worries.

In fact, there has been many times we have all agreed that it’s easier to make a business decision after a huge adrenaline dump. Being able to take advantage and dropping a significant amount of adrenaline turns any business owner who may be overcomplicating or stressing a deal into someone who is willing to follow through because they are not worries about losing anything.

We hope that you enjoy reading this blog. We will be mixing our race track experiences with business advice too, making it interesting!

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